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'Tigh Fili' is a Gaelic word meaning 'Poets House'. It was set up in 1985 to create opportunities for Irish poets, particularly women who were being underepresented in Irish writing at that time.Since it published its first title 'The Box Under the Bed' in 1985 the organisation has published over 100 titles. In the 1995 the organisation diversified to include a visual art programme and each year hosts between 10 and 12 exhibitions of local, national and international emerging artists. It also publishes 4 titles of new writers and runs a number of special projects and community initiatives throughout the year. Tigh Fili is committed to presenting new opportunities for emerging visual artists and writers to present new work -


Li Lijuan
Née le 28 août 1984 à Chengdu - Sichuan - Chine
Auteur, compositeur, interprète.





André de Dienes, tout simplement l'un des plus grands photographe de tous les temps ....Marylin Monroe ... c'est lui qui l'a découvert et photographié en premier.


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